Here are 13 sites where you can make money texting lonely people

The loneliness epidemic is spreading across the world. Due to the rise of social media people are finding it harder to communicate and have healthy discussions with people around them.

Naturally, the number of people getting into intimate relationships has declined.

In order to counter this many people have started paying people to have a conversation with them. In fact, this has become a very common phenomenon across the internet. We have previously discussed sites that pay you to be an online girlfriend. Within these sites, you can make money by acting like a girlfriend for people.

Today I have brought you a list of sites where you can make money texting lonely people. Let’s get started:

Make money texting lonely people: 13 sites that pay

make money texting lonely people
  • Find my sugar baby
  • RentALocalFreind
  • ChatRecruit
  • Flirt Bucks
  • Dopoxy
  • Invisible Girlfriend
  • My Girl Fund
  • Text121
  • Dream Lover
  • Minted Models
  • Flingster
  • Money Pantry
  • Lip Service

#1 FindMySugarBaby

On this site old men come in to have casual online relationships with women. As a woman, you can make money here by texting or engaging in video calls.

#2 RentALocalFriend

This is a site that helps you find people within your local area. You can work here as a chat operator.

#3 Chat Recruit

Chat Recruit is mainly used as a customer care recruitment site. But you can set up a profile here and make money exchanging texts with people.

#4 Flirtbucks

Flirt Bucks, as the name implies is a site that helps you make cash by flirting with people.

#5 Dopoxy

Fun chat website for English speakers; chat anonymously with people.

#6 Invisible Girlfriend

If you to earn money without any strings attached it’s best that you try out an invisible girlfriend. This is a popular site where men pay you for your services as an online girlfriend.

#7 MyGirlFund

Want to raise funds for your next gaming setup or even buy a house? This is the site you should go for.

#8 Text121

This app is mainly used to recruit customer service agents. You can use your phone to make calls and exchange texts with people.

#9 Dream-Lover

On Dream lover, you can chat and make deals with people. You can only join the platform only if you’re 18 or above.

#10 MintedModels

This is a UK-based modeling agency where you can find sugar daddies.

#11 Flingster

Signup and instantly start chatting with people from across the world.

#12 Money pantry

A site that helps you make money as an online girlfriend.

#13 Lip Service

Virtual chat job site where you can get paid up to 50$ an hour


Chatting jobs are a fun and easy way for you to make some extra money. But it is important to exercise caution while doing these jobs. Due to the growing cases of online piracy and cyber crimes it is very important to remain anonymous while doing such jobs.

If you ask me what’s the best chat job in 2022, I’ll recommend Dopoxy, here you can chat and make money while being completely anonymous to the world. This would give you a safe and harmless experience as a chat operator.

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