Did you know that you could actually get paid to be somebody’s friend? The development of internet services has given rise to many peculiar job opportunities.

Some of which are as follows:

But today I wish to talk about sites where you can actually get paid to be a friend.

The loneliness epidemic is spreading, and it has created a generation of socially awkward people who are afraid to talk and interact with other people. In such a world companionship is being sold at an hourly rate.

There are sites today that are specifically made to connect and profiteer off of friendly relationships. Lonely people can come here and make friends for a small price.

Here are 5 of these sites where you can be paid to be a friend to someone.

5 sites where you get paid to be a friend:

  • RentALocalFriend
  • RentACyberFriend
  • FriendPC
  • Fiverr
  • RentAFriend

#1 RentALocalFriend

Get Paid to be a friend: 5 Legit sites to make 50$ an hour

Rent a local friend is a site specifically created for the purpose of finding friends. Using this site you can find people who are willing to go for outings and dates within your local area.

These friends can be hired for a fixed price or an hourly rate.

On this site you specifically lookout for people that are living within your local area; so you are likely to have live meetings through this app. This is a perfect site to find a pretend to date for an event.

As you are much more likely to have live meetings be sure to exercise the necessary cautions while working here.

#2 RentACyberFriend

Get Paid to be a friend: 5 Legit sites to make 50$ an hour

Rent A cyber is a site better for finding a virtual friend. Here you can engage in live video calls and chat sessions with lonely people from across the world.

You can also be paid to flirt and sext with said customers, but I suggest you do it only if you’re comfortable.

Signing up to Cyber Friend is extremely easy; just log into the platform, create an account, and request approval. Once approved your profile will be visible to hundreds of visitors.

They can then choose to hire you as a friend.

Needless to say that the platform favors good looks and charisma.

#3 FriendPc

Get Paid to be a friend: 5 Legit sites to make 50$ an hour

Friend PC is perfect for people who wish to book a virtual life coach or play buddy. If you’re looking for mentorship or just looking for a friend to play games with then this is the site for you.

Of course, you can also find the general virtual girlfriends and chat pals on this site.

#4 Fiverr

Get Paid to be a friend

Fiverr is one of the biggest and most popular freelance platforms in the world. Here you can find all kinds of work opportunities and gigs. And that includes the opportunity for being someone’s online friend.

You can get paid here offering multiple services like; chatting, video calling, and sexting. Since Fiverr has millions of people visiting its platform it’s possible to generate a significant amount of money through the platform.

#5 RentAFriend

Get Paid to be a friend: 5 Legit sites to make 50$ an hour

Rent A friend is probably one of the biggest sites of its kind. It is one of the oldest sites that helps you rent friends and companions. You can pretty much find people here from any part of the world.

Just visit the site, type in your city, and select the gender of the friend you’re looking for.

You’ll be instantly greeted with a page full of prospective friends that are living within a 20km radius. You can easily scan the list and decide which one to hire.

Is Rent a local friend legit?

Rent a local friend is a legit site for hiring friends within your local neighborhood; you can find a friend or pretend date here for a couple of bucks.

Final Thoughts

While using said sites it’s important to exercise caution. Some ways you can safely navigate through these sites:

  • Never share personal information
  • Never meet people in secluded locations
  • Always remain cordial and respectful

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