17 cool features unique to Rank Math [2022]


Today I wish to highlight some cool features unique to the Rank Math plugin.

Some context before that.

Prior to using Rank math, I used the Yoast SEO tool for my SEO purposes. 

This was early 2019 and Yoast was quite possibly the best SEO tool in the market (at the time). Having used Yoast SEO for a full year, I can’t say it has been a bad experience. 

But then I came across a video by Darell Wilson about how Rank math was a much better plugin than Yoast

Within this video, Darell pointed out some reasons why Rank Math was indeed the better alternative. 

But like almost everyone else within the SEO niche, I was skeptical. 

That was until Darell pinpointed a certain feature that compelled me to switch to Rank Math immediately.  

This was the feature to target multiple focus keywords without buying a premium plan. 

Ask anyone who used Yoast before, they know how annoying it was to be unable to target multiple keywords without upgrading to the premium plan.

And when Rank Math came out with this feature, I was beyond elated.

17 cool features unique to Rank Math [2022]
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I went through the setup process and switched sides instantly(Sorry Yoast );).

I could now target multiple focus keywords and it was good, but I had not fully grasped the power of the beast I had at hand. It would take 2 more days for me to fully come to terms with it.

For starters, I now had access to a few dozen amazing features that I didn’t have access to when using the Yoast plugin.

And some of these features were so essential that I was previously paying good money to acquire them. And Rank math provided most of them for absolutely free!

Today I want to highlight some of these features (both free and paid) that make Rank Math the best SEO plugin in the market currently. (12/20/2021)

These are 17 cool features unique to Rank math:

SEO analysis

cool features unique to Rank Math

The first feature within this list is the “SEO analysis” feature.

The SEO analysis feature is extremely convenient as it allows you to analyze your site’s SEO health right within the WordPress dashboard.

You can easily identify and fix minor SEO issues that may hinder your site’s performance.

The info that the analysis tool provides includes 70+ different tests to provide tailor-made SEO Analysis to you.

Though this tool isn’t quite as powerful as some of the other site audit tools like Semrush and Screaming Frog, it still is extremely powerful and convenient.

You can also utilize this feature without installing the Rank math plugin through this URL.

404 monitor

17 cool features unique to Rank Math [2022]

If you’re running a website it’s likely that some of your pages might be broken. But it might be a good idea to identify and point them to a suitable redirection.

The 404 monitor helps you do just that!

Once enabled the 404 monitor logs all your website links that are leading to 404 errors from external resources.

You can go inside of the monitor and redirect all of these logs to a suitable redirection with yet another useful tool called the redirection manager.

Trends Integration

17 cool features unique to Rank Math [2022]

The Trends integration is another handy feature that Rank Math provides.

Google Trends is an amazing tool that finds trendy keywords within your niche. With Ranks Math’s Trends integration you can find all the relevant trends within your post editor.

Simply head over to the Post editor and click on the little button with an arrow right beside the Focus keyword option.

Then type out your target keyword to check the trends of searches volume that it receives. You can also type out other keywords and compare them with your previous keyword.

Content AI

rank math content ai

The content AI helps you create content that essentially ranks high on search. Having introduced it, Rank Math became the first-ever WordPress plugin to utilize an AI generator.

The Content AI essentially comes up with a blueprint of the best structure and compositional you should follow for higher rankings.

The blueprint includes the number of words, links, headings, etc you should include within your post.

If you want more information about the Content AI read my detailed review here.

Image SEO

A lack of Image alt text is a minor SEO problem that can be fixed by a few minutes of work. But what if your website is too big and has too many images?

Rank math’s “Image SEO” feature is a unique feature that automatically adds alt text to your images based on certain parameters. These parameters can include your post title, page title, etc.

Once you enable the feature you can select the parameters you wish to add as Alt text and the plugin will automatically pre-populate your images with data.

Elementor integration

A couple of years ago, it was difficult for website owners to SEO optimize their pages created on Elementor page builder.

This was until Rank math released the Elementor integration feature. Which helps you optimize your pages directly inside of the Elementor dashboard.

Rank math is the only SEO plugin that supports the Elementor page builder. You can optimize your website for SEO directly inside of the Elementor dashboard.

LSI keyword suggestions

17 cool features unique to Rank Math [2022]

LSI keywords are keywords that are closely related to your target keyword. When you include these keywords within your post, you increase your search rankings significantly.

The Rank Math keyword tool automatically suggests LSI keywords you can add to your content.

Simply head over to the Rank Math keyword tool and type out your focus keyword, you will see a number of other related keywords. Then add those keywords to your website content.

Instant indexing

17 cool features unique to Rank Math [2022]

We all know how long it takes for google to crawl and index your pages.

Rank Math features the powerful instant indexing feature. Which helps search engines index your pages as soon as their published.

To utilize this feature you must integrate the Bing webmasters.

Google services integration

17 cool features unique to Rank Math [2022]

Rank Math integrates services like the search console and Google analytics during the setup process.

This brings you essential information right inside your WordPress admin dashboard. Some of the information that is provided includes:

  • Number of keywords you are ranking for,
  • How many search impressions your website is getting,
  • What errors Google sees on your site

This is yet another way how Rank Math betters your workflow.


When you run the Rank math setup wizard for the very first time, the plugin recommends you integrate your Google search console and analytics account.

It also suggests that you create XML sitemaps that you can add to your search console.

XML Sitemaps help in the discovery and indexing of your content by the search engines. With RankMath, you can generate XML Sitemaps that are 100-percent search engine compatible and user-customizable.

The XML sitemaps are automatically generated and integrated with the search console. This makes your life much easier as an SEO.

Video Sitemap

For best search performance it is important to add all your web elements to the sitemap. All web elements including your videos.

But by default videos are not included within the sitemap.

Luckily Rank math adds your video to the sitemap this increases video performance on search.

Role Manager

The role manager is an extremely unique feature that helps you create distinct user roles for the purposes of administrating the Rank Math plugin.

Each of these roles possesses a certain level of administrative control over the plugin. This feature of Rank Math is useful as it allows you to dictate which one of your users can edit certain parts of your plugin.

So if you hire a freelancer or editor you can assign the access they have to your plugin.

The Rank Math user roles system is much more detailed than the default WordPress user roles system.

Web stories integration

Google web stories are an easy way to drive direct traffic to your website.

Rank Math helps you leverage this wonderful feature by adding the web stories directly within your website’s sitemap, thereby increasing visibility and exposure.

Schema validation

Many WordPress plugins help you add schema markup to your website, but only Rank Math helps you validate your schema right within your WordPress dashboard.

The Rank math plugin is integrated with the Google structure testing tool, so you can test and preview your rich snippets directly inside your WordPress dashboard.

Schema generator

The Schema generator for Rank Math comes up with over 25 different schema templates. Including but not limited to products, organization, job posting, recipes, etc.

The number of schema templates Ranks math provides is much higher than any other SEO plugin in the market.

Speakable schema

As the popularity of voice assistants grows, optimizing your website for voice search becomes important. Luckily Rank Math’s speakable schema feature helps you do so with ease.

Simply enable the speakable schema option from the content module and start optimizing your content for voice search.

Import schema

Rank Math provides you with the powerful feature to import schema from any page on the internet.

So in case, you come across a suitable website that you want to replicate schema from you can do it easily.

This is one of the premium SEO features

Weekly reports

The last feature on this list is the weekly reports features within which Rank Math sends you personalized email reports every week to keep you updated with your site’s health.

These e-mails can be enabled from inside the plugin dashboard itself. Once enabled the reports provide you insight into your site’s performance on a weekly basis.


Rank Math is a powerful WordPress solution for all your SEO needs.

Not only does it provide its users with amazing features but it eases your workflow by providing a ton of useful features within an intuitive user dashboard.

I have another post where I detailed how Rank math is specifically better than Yoast SEO, please check it out in case you’re interested.

If you need help doing keyword research, consider using the Semrush plugin.

Thank you and have a blessed day.

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