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If you have embarked on your blogging journey then you must have come across an acute realization, which is that WordPress isn’t really a “free website”, I mean it’s free on paper but doing anything worthwhile is definitely going to cost you money.

For starters, having a high-quality theme for your site is essential to your success but most high-quality themes are not free.

But is a premium theme the only way to go? Is it not possible to get a good enough theme for free?

Well, it is, and you’re in luck cause today because we have brought a list of 20 free WordPress themes that will work wonders for your blogs. All of these themes boast high customizability, speed, reliable support, and a fast and secure code frame, so let’s dive straight into it :

1.) OceanWP

OceanWP Theme 20 best free WordPress themes for blogs

OceanWP is probably the most generous free theme out there. It literally provides more features in its free version than most themes provide in their premium version. Along with that, the theme also boasts a highly reliable support base and an active user community to respond to all of your queries.

This theme tops our list as one of the best multipurpose themes and you can use it for any type of website. There are a bunch of free extensions to extend the functionality even more.

The only con with this theme is that it has a relatively heavier theme frame which makes it a bit slower than popular competitors like Astra and Generate-Press

2.) Astra

Astra theme 20 best free WordPress themes for blogs

Astra is by far the most popular WordPress theme in the market. It boasts over 1 million theme downloads which makes it the first-ever WordPress theme to reach this milestone.

With this super-fast theme, you get access to a library of over 50+ website templates. You can export one of these templates and build beautiful-looking websites without touching a line of code.

It has a powerful header and footer builder that you can use to customize and style your website properties.

Con: Limited mobile header customizability options

3.) Hestia

hestia free wordpress theme min e1560267607302 20 best free WordPress themes for blogs

Hestia is one of ThemeIsle’s most popular products, with tons of 5-star reviews.ThemeIsle, founded in 2012, is one of the most well-known and popular theme shops. Hestia is an extremely fast and well-rounded theme, it has one of the lightest theme frames in the market. You can use Hestia to build all types of websites and the theme integrates well with popular page builders.

4.) Kadence

Kadence Theme Pro Addon 20 best free WordPress themes for blogs

The Kadence theme is a powerful multipurpose WordPress theme. It offers one of the highest customizability features in the market, so if you like to play around with design options then this is the theme for you.

Kadence provides you with a powerful header and footer builder option within your customizer section. It also has a dozen free website demos that you can import and start working on instantly.

The theme is extremely fast and works well with almost every major page builder.

5.) Blocksy

maxresdefault 20 best free WordPress themes for blogs

Now we come to the theme that I love with all my heart, it is the theme that I personally use on all my website’s and for good reason. Blocksy is one of the most feature-rich WordPress themes in the market. It provides users with a highly intuitive and user-friendly back-end to customize settings.

You can customize everything from colors to typography, layout design, and much much more. The theme comes with a set of 40+ free website demos that you can one-click import and start working with.

6.) Neve

lightweight theme with minimalist design 20 best free WordPress themes for blogs

Neve by Themeisle takes a mobile-first approach for its design, so it’s got a beautiful and responsive design. If you wish to make a blog that works best for mobile devices then I suggest you choose Neve as your theme.

Neve follows Google best practices when it comes to responsive mobile design hence this can significantly help with site rankings.

The theme also has an extremely reliable customer support community that helps resolve any customer query.

7.) Foodica

featured image free wordpress themes 20 best free WordPress themes for blogs

Foodica is an extremely responsive and good-looking WordPress theme. It works really well for food and recipe-based blog websites. In addition, it has a beautiful featured slider and WooCommerce integration.

You also have an inbuilt recipe index that helps increase google rankings. Additionally, the theme really works well with Woocommerce and provides a bunch of cool features to enhance your store.

8.) JustRead

best free wordpress themes for blogs portfolio site 20 best free WordPress themes for blogs

Just read is a hyper minimalistic WordPress blog theme that focuses on reading experience and speed. It is built to serve text content in clean and systematic order. Just read has a single column for single posts, which helps users focus on the main content on your blog. With great care for the layout and typography, the theme delivers a great reading experience to website users.

9.) Simple

responsive design free theme 20 best free WordPress themes for blogs

Simple is a free WordPress theme, built by Themify, that can easily add a Shopify store on your WordPress site. That way, you can turn your WordPress site into an eCommerce store where customers can buy products without having to redirect to Shopify.

This theme is also available on Shopify as a standalone theme for Shopify stores.

10.) Woostify

screenshot 20 best free WordPress themes for blogs

Woostify is a woo-commerce first WordPress theme. It features extremely powerful options for building an online store with WordPress. You have the option to choose between multiple layouts of listing, single product, and checkout pages.

Additionally, you can edit the cart page and add a product wishlist. Both Free and Pro versions of Woostify support product swatches. It turns product attribute select dropdown into beautiful swatches

Also, Woostify is tested and fully compatible with Dokan and WCFM Marketplace multi-vendor plugin, so you can make a perfectly functioning multivendor marketplace using this theme.

11.) Ascend

best free wordpress themes for business 20 best free WordPress themes for blogs

Ascend is one of the most feature-packed free WordPress themes in the market. It has a lot of features that are exclusively available in premium themes. It has a stylish vertical menu and transparent header options that provide a premium look and feel to it. This theme is multipurpose and it can be used for building several types of sites.

12.) Prolific

best free responsive wordpress themes business website 20 best free WordPress themes for blogs

Prolific is an incredibly well-built multipurpose WordPress theme. It has a custom testimonial widget built-in to it other than that there are a ton of other great features available. So it’s worth giving it a try.

13.) Minimal Magazine

magazine wordpress theme 20 best free WordPress themes for blogs

Minimal magazine as the name suggests is a minimalistic magazine/blog website. It has a sleek and modern design and it works best for publishers and online newspaper agencies.

14.) Business owner

page layouts best free wordpress themes 20 best free WordPress themes for blogs

Business Owner lands on our list of the best free WordPress themes because of the built-in live customizer. It’s also got a responsive design and is SEO optimized.

15.) Nothing personal

google fonts blog layouts theme 20 best free WordPress themes for blogs

Nothing personal is a feminine-styled WordPress theme that works really well for light-hearted blog websites. There’s a bunch of pretty styling options that will help you and your website. It also has different layouts for single posts, archives and offers custom color styling.

16.) Biscuit Lite

responsive design blog page 20 best free WordPress themes for blogs

Biscuit lite is an extremely wonderful theme for recipe websites. Foood bloggers can use this theme to build a beautifully responsive and fast-loading website. This theme integrates well with recipe schema and is also extremely SEO friendly.

17.) Blog ELite

blog elite custom widgets 20 best free WordPress themes for blogs

Blog Elite has a responsive design and is a gorgeous multipurpose blog theme. This theme is extremely content-centered and makes use of other elements on a minimal basis. This theme works best for business websites and blogs.

18.) Best free wordpress themes for blogs: Fruitful

3.7 1.jpg 20 best free WordPress themes for blogs

This strong and no-nonsense WordPress theme lets you choose a fixed or responsive design. Additionally, Fruitful lets you easily upload your logo and background, plus edit things like colors, your header, menu positions, slider, and custom CSS.

Best free wordpress themes for blogs 19.) Mesmerize

live customizer custom widgets theme 20 best free WordPress themes for blogs

 Mesmerize is a highly customizable WordPress theme. Its live customizer lets you see your changes in real-time when you edit your site. You can combine design options like spacings, background, overlay, graphic separator, header layout, and media type to obtain a truly unique and outstanding website.


It is extremely important to have a reliable theme when you start with your blogging journey. Through this blog post of mine, I hope I have provided enough insight into the options you have even if you don’t have a fat pocket. Hope this post was helpful and wish you good health.

So these were the best free WordPress themes for blogs.

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