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Have you been using WordPress for a while now? If so you might know about the Astra PRO theme, it is definitely one of the best WordPress themes in the market today. Some of the amazing features it provides include:

  • Lightweight design
  • Customizability features
  • Header design
  • Blog design

Despite providing such amazing features, customers are often deterrent from purchasing an Astra license because of their hefty yearly pricing plans. But today I wish to show you a method through which you can get the Astra PRO addon for a heavy discount. Read the post until the end to get the original licensed Astra plan for just 5 dollars.

Here is the Astra PRO discount code for 2022:

Astra Pro yearly plans:

Astra PRO discount code: Get a 90% discount on yearly plans in 2022

By default, you can see that the Astra yearly plans start from around 49$ per month, with the essential bundle being 169$ and the growth bundle being about 250$. In today’s post, I’ll help you get each of these for a fraction of the price. For example, you can get the base plan for 5$, essential for 10, and the growth bundle for 15$

The base plan consists of:

  • License for unlimited sites
  • All the premium addons for Astra
  • Premium support

The essential plan consists of everything the base plan has and:

  • Starter templates
  • Ultimate addons for elementor
  • Extensive training

The growth plan has everything the essential plan has and;

  • All the other tools in the Astra suite

There’s also a lifetime pricing plan that lets you use the Astra plan license for a lifetime and avoid yearly commitment, though you’d have to pay a higher fee upfront:

Astra PRO discount code
Here are the lifetime pricing plans

How to get Astra PRO discount code {90%}

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Now I’ll show you the methods for getting an Astra PRO discount

spoiler alert we will not be using discount codes necessarily

Instead, we will be using the Fiverr marketplace to get the Astra unlimited license for just about 5 dollars.

Let me explain how this works:

There are several freelancers on Fiverr who purchase unlimited licenses for plugins like Astra and sell them to individual sellers for 5-15$

Now don’t worry

The license you’ll get is completely original and you’d get all product updates for the specific amount of time that the freelancer has purchased the plan. You’ll also get access to the Astra template library which you can’t get access to using GPL plugins etc.

Possible downsides to this method:

Now that we have discussed the way to get the PRO addon for a discount, let’s discuss the possible downsides to getting the license through this method.

One of the biggest problems getting the license through this method is that you’ll never actually get access to the product’s license key. The seller is simply going to install the plugin within your site and activate the license through this secret license key.

Because of this, you won’t be able to use the key on any other site other than the site you have had the key installed on. And in order to activate the license on another site, you need to pay extra to the seller.

You are also not applicable for customer support on most of these plans. Though you can consult your freelancer for any help regarding the plugin.

Stay away from GPL license and other unoriginal stuff:

Now this is important advice you should hear

The Fiverr marketplace has a variety of freelancers selling GPL-licensed plugins, you are advised to stay clear of these kinds of sellers in order to get license updates and access to Astra templates. GPL license plugins are unoriginal versions of PRO plugins that do not provide you access to theme features such as template library and are also susceptible to malware and other kinds of malicious software so you are advised to avoid them at all costs.

You are advised to confirm with sellers whether the product they are providing is 100% original or not.

If you believe that a seller has provided you with an unoriginal plugin I recommend you seek help with the Fiverr helpline immediately.

Get discounts for multiple other WordPress plugins:

You can use the same method to get discounts on a number of other WordPress themes and plugins. Some of the plugins that are provided with the marketplace include:

  • Yoast SEO
  • Elementor PRO
  • Rank math PRO
  • WP rocket PRO

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