WordPress SEO tips | 7 easy tips to quickly improve your SEO rankings


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Getting your SEO up and running should be a top priority for any blogger out there. Social media traffic is good and all but the only way you can ensure blogging success is to also ensure that your content ranks on google search.

Now it isn’t possible for new bloggers to receive a backlink from New york times but there are small applicable changes that could help improve your site’s rankings.

So, today I have curated a list of 7 easy tips to improve your WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO tips: 1.) Keyword Research

Keyword research is extremely important as it lets you find the terms people are actually searching for.

It’s important to research keywords and optimize your content according to them. Keyword research helps you recognize keywords with lower competition and optimize content so that you can start ranking higher on the search and receive more search traffic.

You can use a number of free tools to measure and compare keywords according to metrics such as search volume, competition, and trends.

Some of these tools are as follows:

You can use these tools to track and analyze keywords.

You can then use the Yoast or Rank math SEO plugin to optimize your posts according to those keywords.

A definitive guide on how to use Yoast is here.

WordPress SEO tips: 2.) Integrate site with google search console

Google Search Console is a collection of tools and resources that helps website owners, web marketers, and SEOs enhance website performance in the Google search index. The search console lets you easily monitor and in some cases resolve server errors, site load issues, and security issues like hacking and malware.

Verifying your website with a search console helps google structure your content uniformly. Most SEO tools and plugins like Yoast SEO or Rank Math require connecting your account with the search console to ensure a better site optimization experience.

You can easily connect your WordPress website with the search console following these steps:

1.) Visit the Google search console website and click on the “Start Now” button.

Screenshot 1 6 WordPress SEO tips | 7 easy tips to quickly improve your SEO rankings

2.) Next copy your website URL and paste it into the “URL prefix” section (We choose this over Domain because the verification process is much simpler). Click on “Continue”

Screenshot 1 7 WordPress SEO tips | 7 easy tips to quickly improve your SEO rankings

3.) You will be redirected into a section where you’ll be provided with multiple verification methods in order to determine your ownership of the website.

Screenshot 2 2 WordPress SEO tips | 7 easy tips to quickly improve your SEO rankings

4.) Out of all the methods I suggest going with the HTML tag method since it’s the easiest one.

It requires you to add the suggested HTML tag in between your website’s head tags.

Screenshot 1 8 WordPress SEO tips | 7 easy tips to quickly improve your SEO rankings

5.) In order to add the code I suggest using a plugin as that would help add code snippets to your head and body sections without the risk of breaking your site.

For this navigate to the Plugins > Add a new Plugin and search for “Insert headers and footers” by Wp Beginner.

Install and activate this plugin.

Screenshot 1 9 WordPress SEO tips | 7 easy tips to quickly improve your SEO rankings

6.) Next navigate to Settings > Insert Headers and footers and paste the copied code from the console into the section labeled as “Scripts in headers”. Then scroll down and click “Save”

Screenshot 2 3 WordPress SEO tips | 7 easy tips to quickly improve your SEO rankings
Tools for Any SEO Challenge13053 WordPress SEO tips | 7 easy tips to quickly improve your SEO rankings

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WordPress SEO tips : 3.) Change permalinks

Permalinks links or permanent links are defined as the format in which the links of a web page are displayed.

Different kinds of permalinks are used for different purposes but in case you’re running an eCommerce or blog website then I suggest you convert your permalinks to follow the “Post name ” format.

Disclaimer: Permalinks are extremely important for your site’s SEO, it is recommended that you never change your permalinks unless you are working on a new site.

It’s extremely easy to change your permalinks when you are working with a WordPress website.

Simply navigate to Settings > Permalinks > common settings, and change the link structure from “Day and name” to “Post name”, then scroll down and hit save.

Screenshot 1 5 WordPress SEO tips | 7 easy tips to quickly improve your SEO rankings

7 easy tips to quickly improve your website SEO: 4.) Boost website speed

A 5,000-word blog post is impressive.

A backlink from Forbes is amazing.

But you know what’s NOT going to win you praise on social media? Site speed.

Which is too bad, because improving your site speed is one of the easiest ways to increase your rankings in Google.

Research found that a 1s delay in website load speed decreased visitor retention by over 7%. Google is well aware of this phenomenon hence it minimalizes slow websites from appearing on top ranks.

If you want to learn how you can increase the speed of your website, then read this comprehensive article on how to do the same.

4415 829436 WordPress SEO tips | 7 easy tips to quickly improve your SEO rankings4415 WordPress SEO tips | 7 easy tips to quickly improve your SEO rankings

5.) Install an SSL certificate

An SSL certificate encrypts your website so that it can only be served over a secure network. Google now has made it mandatory for a site to have SSL enabled, a failure to do so will get you penalized and decrease site rankings.

Most hosting companies provide an SSL certificate along with plan purchases but in case yours didn’t you can always get a free SSL certificate from Cloudflare.

6) Fix SSL errors

SSL errors occur when a browser cannot verify the SSL encryption of a site. You need to ensure that your site is fully SSL encrypted in order to facilitate a good SEO experience

Here are some common SSL errors that you need to fix:

  1. SSL Certificate Not Trusted Error : This error indicates that the SSL certificate is signed or approved by a company that the browser does not trust.
  2. Mixed Content Error : This error indicates that a secure page contains an element that’s being loaded from an insecure page.
  3. SSL Certificate Revoked Error : This error indicates that the CA has canceled or revoked the website’s SSL certificate.
  4. Expired SSL Certificate Error : This error occurs when the site’s SSL certificate expires.

You can install a Cloudflare SSL to your site in order to solve 3 of these issues.

You can then conduct a site audit in order to figure out the mixed content errors and fix them by simply re-uploading the affected content to the site again (most mixed content errors are caused by media files)


7.) Use Alt Text

Alt text, better known as alternative text is WordPress or phrase that can be inserted into HTML tags. Alt-text is used primarily for accessibility reasons and it normally is used as an alternative for image files.

When you add keywords as alt-text for images it drastically helps improve the SEO of your page.

You should always use Keyword research in conjunction with Alt-text for best results.


SEO optimization should be at the forefront of your priorities when you’re setting up a blog. With this article, I hope I have addressed some questions that you may have related to SEO.

I must highlight that the methods in this guide aren’t a surefire way to rank your content on google. Not by far.

But they are important to ensure that your site is properly indexed and structured by the google algorithm,

This in the long run will be highly beneficial for your website and help drastically improve your chances of making it to the top of search results.

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