If you’re interested in doing voice-overs for a living then keep on reading this post. Because today, I have shared with you a long list of 22 voice over jobs for beginners. If you have a knack for narrating audio content then you can use these sites to earn up to 5,000$ extra a month.

The demand for voiceovers increases proportionally to the demand for video content and since we live in the world of video-based platforms like Youtube and Tiktok there has been an inevitable increase in demand for voiceovers.

I remember watching narrated TV shows as a child and thinking that this was something that I could do. I couldn’t be any wrong as after trying to audition for numerous voice acting jobs I managed to get rejected for every single one of them.

Are you a skilled voice-over artist? Do you know that it is possible to earn good money by lending you’re voice to work station? The demand for voice actors has gone up tremendously over the last few years. You can take advantage of this and earn money in your free time.

Voice acting is currently one of the pursued skills in the world. The growth of video-based platforms has starkly increased the demand for voice actors.

Today I’ll be sharing a list of over 20 amazing websites where you actively sell your services as a voice-over artist and earn money in the process.

What is a Voice Over?

If you’ve ever watched a documentary or Youtube video you might be familiar with the concept of voiceovers. Voice overs simply refer to narrating certain portions of a video with voice acting. The purpose of voice-overs is to add a human element to the video

How much can you make as a Voice-over artist?

Voice Over Jobs for Beginners

Voice-over artists make upwards of 45,000$ a year in the US according to Glassdoor. On payscale, the average hourly rate of a voicer over artists is listed as being 29.66/ hour. And it goes without saying that the pay would be massively dependent on the company you are working with and the type of gig you have taken up.

What equipment do you need to become a voice-over artist?

Gone are the days when you could only record crisp amazing voice-overs in a gold-standard studio. With the advancement of technology nowadays it’s possible to record and manipulate tremendous voice-overs with equipment not worth more than a few hundred dollars.

Here is some basic equipment you’d need for this purpose:


This can be a PC or a laptop, and this is mainly used as a storage system for storing your recordings.

Voice modulation software

This software helps you adjust the recording audio and eliminate unnecessary disturbances from the background after the audio has been recorded.


Though there are inbuilt microphones within a computer it is recommended that you buy a dedicated microphone from amazon for the best experience.


This is a device that helps eliminate unnecessary sounds and background disturbances at the time of recording, if you’re living in a noisy environment it is highly recommended that you use a soundproofing equipment

Julie Eickhoff, the creator of this FREE mini-course, has narrated and produced around 100 audiobooks and is an Audible Approved Producer. She has been working from home doing voiceovers since 2011 and makes a full-time income.

22 Voice over jobs for beginners:


Fiverr is the biggest freelance marketplace in the world. People from all across the world come here to sell and purchase services. On the platform, you can find jobs as a voice actor quite easily.


Upwork is a platform similar to Fiverr where people come in search of freelance work opportunities and

Flex Jobs

Flex jobs is a subscription-based platform that helps you find part-time, permanent, and remote-based jobs easily. It is the best site to find permanent jobs as a voice artist.


Freelancer similar to Upwork follows a bid-based freelance system, wherein you have to bid on products and services


Voices.com is the biggest dedicated marketplace for finding Voiceover jobs. You can apply to the thousands of job postings and find your dream voice-over gig within minutes.


Voice1123 is one of the biggest competitors for voices.com. They have completed more than 250,000 voice-over jobs since its inception in 2003.

Skyline Transcription Services

Skyline mainly deals in transcription and captioning-based services but they also have plenty of voice-over gigs as well. Getting approved is a bit difficult here however once approved you will frequently get work from here.


Filmless is a platform that delivers professional video services to their platform. It features massive openings for Voiceover artists.

Voice Crafters

Voice crafters is a platform for experienced voice actors in the market. They present voice actors in over 80 languages. To work with them you need at least 5 years of commercial work experience as a voice actor.

Snap Recordings

Snap recordings is another company for experienced voice actors, they routinely feature job openings for voice actors and pay anywhere from 50 to 100$ an hour.

Envato Studio

Mandy Voices

Mandy Voices is a community of around 2.5 million voice artists. This is one of the best sites to work with if you dream of ever working for Disney.

Findaway Voices

Findaway Voices is a service that connects authors with narrators they primarily help audiobook creators find suitable narrators.

Voice Bunny

Voice bunny is a great platform for promoting your services as a voiceover artist they feature experienced artists from all over the world.


This is was the list of 22 voice-over jobs for beginners. If you try out any of the finds a job please be sure to share them with us in the comments. For more freelance work-from-home job opportunities check out:

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