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10 best sites to sell pokemon cards

If you were a 2000s kid like me you probably would have bought pokemon cards. I remember being 6-7 years old and running by the general store just to get a new pack of cards every other day.

Before I ever knew it I had hundreds and hundreds of unique pokemon cards in my entourage.

In the early 2000s pokemon cards were all the rage, having a very rare card instantly made you the coolest kid in the entire block. But who would have thought that things that were considered kid’s toys would become more expensive than a family car one day?

That’s right Pokemon cards are now being sold for hefty prices. Like many relics and old memorabilia, Pokemon cards can fetch you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in your local pawn shop.

People are ready to purchase these because of the nostalgia they carry. I myself had a habit of collecting thousands of old cards and storing them in my cupboard (a habit that often got me in trouble as a child)

I remember opening up my drawers and stashes of old and new gen cards would be shown neatly in front of me.

If you’re hesitant to sell your cards live in a shop here are 10 legit sites to sell pokemon cards and earn some hard cash.


Troll and Toad

10 Best Sites to Sell Pokemon Cards & Earn [2022]

Troll and Toad is an online marketplace owned and operated by gamers and is dedicated to selling pokemon cards.

The website provides you with a selling guide and evaluates the value of your card as per its rarity.

Make a troll and toad account, submit your list, ship your items, and get paid.

The website will issue a payment based on the payment type you choose, you can change it anytime before the item arrives at the Troll and toad website.

The website reserves the right to return and reject your list, so make sure that your item is in the best condition possible to avoid such issues.


10 Best Sites to Sell Pokemon Cards & Earn [2022]

TCGPLAYER is a site that builds applications and technologies connecting customers with thousands of hobby gaming businesses throughout the globe.

You can create a shop and list your pokemon cards on the website without any charges, you will not be charged even a single penny until you make a sale.

Your limits to how many total items you can list keep increasing as you level up as a seller, however, there are certain requirements you have to meet before you level up, so make sure that you read the seller’s guide carefully.

To start selling your item, add inventory, give the product description and post photos.


10 Best Sites to Sell Pokemon Cards & Earn [2022]

SELL2BBNOVELTIES is an experienced company that specializes in toys, collectibles, and fad items.

It is another platform on the list of sites to sell pokemon cards and earn some good cash. The steps to selling are quite simple-

First, select the category of the product you would like to sell, make your own list and publish your item with a proper description[ flaws & defects should not be hidden], Ship your item to the given address on the site for evaluation, you will receive an update through email whether the product will be purchased or not depending on the condition of the card [If the site denies purchasing your item, it will be shipped back to you in a few days], they will send you the money through PayPal or any other means that you select.

Shipping charges only apply when your item costs less than 30$, more than that, the site will pay for it.


10 Best Sites to Sell Pokemon Cards & Earn [2022]

eBay is a famous marketplace for selling and buying stuff online, if you’re looking for sites to sell Pokemon cards and find the best deals

,eBay is the perfect place for you.

The site generally charges around 10-15% of the final value as a commission fee. The first 250 listings are free of cost, afterwards, some additional charges may apply.

After you have requested to list your item on the site you can choose a pickup point and then the site will evaluate its price.

You can select daily or weekly payouts, then the site will deposit the money into your bank account.


10 Best Sites to Sell Pokemon Cards & Earn [2022]

Another reputable website on the list of sites to sell pokemon cards and find the best deals is DAVE AND ADAMS.COM.

The site has been one of the biggest and most reputable internet spaces for the past 20 years and is widely trusted by millions of customers and sellers all over the world.

How to sell guide-

To sell your cards, fill up the details given on the site such as,- address, what type of item you are selling, phone number, etc. or you can even contact the customer care service at 1-888-440-9787.

If the site comes to an agreement with purchasing your item, they can arrange the payment in multiple ways according to your convenience, for eg- PayPal, checks, etc.

Comic book stores

10 Best Sites to Sell Pokemon Cards & Earn [2022]

Another traditional reliable place to sell your Pokemon cards in person is comic book stores.

Local comic book stores might just be the most convenient way for you to sell your pokemon cards as it removes the struggle of finding customers.

You can actually make some good money by selling your cards to the store, even though the rates might not seem satisfactory in regards to the rarity of the card, but still is better than stores and online websites that don’t understand the actual value of the item.

Facebook Marketplace

10 Best Sites to Sell Pokemon Cards & Earn [2022]

Everyone has used Facebook at least once, it’s the biggest social media website on the planet with over a billion active users currently.

It is one of the best sites to sell pokemon cards due to its vast audience.

The website provides you with customers residing in your locality. To sell, first, take a picture of the item[card in this case] you would like to sell, add an attractive product description with the current condition of the item[mint, near mint, good, poor, etc.], and then the price at which you would like to sell the item.

You will receive a message from the interested customer, then you can plan a location for the transaction of the item, the process takes place face to face and money can be transferred through any means that is convenient for both the seller and the buyer.

Keep the purchasing cost negotiable and don’t stick to a fixed rate for customer satisfaction and to seal the deal instantly.


10 Best Sites to Sell Pokemon Cards & Earn [2022]

If you’re a U.S resident and are looking for sites to sell pokemon cards, MERCARI is an option you must explore.

The seller must be at least 18 years of age to make a sale, the steps to selling on the website are similar to the others listed above.

The site has a built-in transaction facility which makes it safe and scam-free for the users.

Mercari charges around 10% of the final value as a sales fee for every completed sale.


10 Best Sites to Sell Pokemon Cards & Earn [2022]

CCGcastle is a website that specializes in the inventory of trading cards and especially pokemon cards.

To start, simply enter the Buylist part of the website, add the cards to the cart, then in a while, the site will send you a message on how much money you can make.

The seller is 100% responsible for the shipping of the item, all the charges have to be taken care of by the seller himself, so do not put up your item on the buyer list unless you are ready to make the shipping.

The cards should be in mint or near mint condition, any card not filling the criteria will be rejected and sent back to you within a matter of a few days.

Social Media

10 Best Sites to Sell Pokemon Cards & Earn [2022]

Social media sites such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc, are the most widely used online platforms in the world and can be one of the best sites to sell pokemon cards.

You can create an account on all social media websites within seconds, just post a pic, give a proper description of your card, your phone number, selling price, etc.

To maximize your sale, you can even request your friends and family members to share your post with the people they know.

One fallback to this method is that the transaction process is not controlled by the websites, so make sure that you don’t fall into any scams or traps.


If you are still unsure about how to sell your pokemon cards, probably this explanation will help you clear your doubts.

If you think you have cards of extreme value, then, choosing the listed above sites to sell pokemon cards might just be the most ideal option for you, Sites such as TrollandToad, and CCGCastle as well reputed sites and might just offer you the best deals online.

If you’re unsure about the price and just want to get rid of them, listing them on sites or selling them in-person to comic book stores and people can help you make some good money.

Selling online is usually a long process and might take up to weeks, so, if you’re in a hurry to sell the cards and want to make some instant cash, offline ways would be more suitable for your current situation.


Now that you have gone through the sites to sell pokemon cards, here are some things you need to keep in mind that determine the price of the card.-

It is really important to know whether you have a card that is of extreme value to make sure you don’t just sell it off at a cheap rate.

The major factors that determine the value of the card are-

. CONDITION- Mint, near mint, good, bad, very bad, etc, cards that are really bad in condition get rejected.

. UNIQUENESS- Cards that are really unique or rare have really high prices in the market

. DEMAND- Everything comes down to how many people need that card.

. EDITION- The cards that are the first ones to be printed are called 1st edition, the edition is generally given on the bottom right or left side of the card.

RAREST POKEMON CARDS- sites to sell pokemon cards

. Holographic cards- Cards with shiny and gleaming surfaces, meaning they are holo in nature. These cards are really rare.

. First edition cards- The cards that are first to be printed are really high in value.


These were the list of some sites to sell pokemon cards and earn cash in 2022, the value of these cards will keep growing as the years go by because of the nostalgia that it brings.

Choose a website that seems more legit and fits well into your convenience, if you’re new to this, I would suggest you use TrollAndToad due to its simplicity and user-friendly approach.

Pls, comment down below which of the sites to sell pokemon cards you liked the most, and also comment on its key features.

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