When talking about earning money on the web; one would think that you need insane technical skills or knowledge. But who would have thought that within the magical land of the internet, one could earn money by doing some of the most peculiar things ever?

From talking to strangers on the web to texting random lonely people there are a ton of very strange things you can do to make money on the internet.

Today we’ll talk about one of these peculiar jobs that could earn you some money and also help you achieve your fitness goals in your free time. This job is none other than the good old walk.

Here is a list of 9 apps that pay you to walk:

  1. Lifecoin
  2. Sweatcoin
  3. WellCoin
  4. Runtopia
  5. WinWalk
  6. Earthmiles
  7. FitforBucks
  8. Rover
  9. PK Fitness


10 apps that pay you to walk in 2022- Walk and earn cash

Lifecoin is an app that converts your regular outdoor walks into lifecoins, the app counts your steps and rewards you for it.

It is similar to another app called sweatcoin, its motive is to encourage people to live an active lifestyle through its rewards.

The app uses GPS as means of tracking steps to avoid cheating through the use of a treadmill or any other means.

GPS will remain turned on even when the app isn’t open, which means that installing the app will drain your battery life quite faster, so keep your phone fully charged before going out.

The rewards offered by the app are quite low, but it is still a great option if you’re looking for apps that pay you to walk.


10 apps that pay you to walk in 2022- Walk and earn cash

Sweatcoin is a mobile app that as the name suggests will pay you coins for sweating by walking or running.

You can gain 1 sweatcoin by walking 1000 steps and making up to 5 a day, however, you can increase the limit by upgrading your account using sweatcoins[no actual money] and makeup to 50 coins in a day.

The app does not actually pay you real cash but turns your sweatcoins into discount coupons, for eg- by paying 800 sweatcoins, you can gain a 40% discount on a 5kg dumbell.

Although there are better apps that pay you to walk, still, sweatcoin might be a great option for you if you’re an active person


10 apps that pay you to walk in 2022- Walk and earn cash

Another reputable app on the list of apps that pay you to walk is WellCoin.

Wellcoin encourages healthy living and pays you for not just walking but multiple healthy activities.

some activities to get coins from are-

. sleeping 7 plus hours in the night

. working out

. donating

. choosing a healthy beverage

. healthy meals

The variety of options to earn coins and having an opportunity to live your life better in many ways makes WellCoin the best in apps that pay you to walk, so make sure that you try it out.

Similar to sweatcoin, the app provides you with coins that you can use to gain reasonable and high discounts on items listed on the app.


10 apps that pay you to walk in 2022- Walk and earn cash

Runtopia is another app that encourages people to lead a healthy life and pays them to complete certain tasks.

The app gives you daily challenges and tasks such as running a 3k, burning 300 calories, walking for 20 mins, etc and rewards you once you complete them.

You will receive virtual coins after the completion of each task known as SPC, you can use the SPCs you have collected to get offers and discounts on products, and you can even receive cash redemption of $500 once you make 35000 SPCs.

What differentiates this app from others is its efficiency, meaning you don’t have to go outdoors for your steps to get counted, the app will track your steps no matter where you are, just keep the GPS of your phone activated at all times.

Runtopia overall isn’t a great option in comparison to other apps that pay you to walk, the app offers low rewards and has limited earning opportunities, but it can still be a great option for you if you’re looking for an app that encourages you to lead a healthy lifestyle.


10 apps that pay you to walk in 2022- Walk and earn cash

Winwalk is another app that rewards you to walk but one that does not require GPS.

The app works as a pedometer, it counts your steps and turns them into coins, it does not need a GPS system for operation, and saves up a lot of battery.

You will gain 1 coin for 100 steps each and can make up to 100 in a day. The app also provides you with different tasks you can do to gain extra cash.

However, there are certain limitations to WinWalk, they are-

. limit to only 100 coins a day

. limited earning opportunities

. only for android

. no cash rewards

There are better apps that pay you to walk than WinWalk, although, it might still be a great option if you want to lead a healthy life and get fit.


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